Ordering Essential Oils


What we put in our bodies is important. When we choose to put an essential oil on our skin we want two things: 1. The most bang for our buck and 2. The highest quality essential oil we can get our hands on. Unfortunately, if you’re buying a seven dollar bottle of frankincense, I can guarantee you that you’re not getting the real deal. It will be diluted with synthetic oils or carrier oils. A good amount of essential oil injuries are a result of using adulterated, low quality oils. That’s why I choose to use Young Living. There are several reasons why:

Young Living has been in the biz for over twenty years. That is a whole lot of time to perfect a craft. They’re not just some MLM that sprang up a few years back wanting to hop on the oil bandwagon. They built that sucker and are the trendsetters when it comes to essential oils. They’ve got making essential oils down to a science and they’re really good at it. Which leads me to my next point…

SEED TO SEAL. How many farmers do you personally know who own acres of plants that they planted themselves, distilled themselves and then bottled themselves? When harvesting an essential oil, EVERYTHING matters; from time in the year they plant, to what time of day they harvest! When it comes to their farms, if they don’t own them, their partner farms have very rigorous standards that they must adhere to. They pull weeds by hand and they use essential oils to keep pests away. Their compost? Made from the plant material left after distilling the essential oils. Young Living has taken a now very large industry and given you an insane amount of transparency. They run tests on EVERY. SINGLE. BATCH of essential oil they make and if their constituents don’t match up? They toss the batch. Meaning if they make a superb batch of Lavender and they make another one that doesn’t meet that same standard, it doesn’t end up in your oil stash. Ensuring you get the highest quality essential oils isn’t just some gimmick or slogan they use to get crunchy folks to buy their oils, they live and die by it. That’s why I trust them, I can see every ounce of work that goes into my bottle and I can put it on my kids without a second thought.

The Premium Starter Kit. Young Living has a starter kit that has everything you need to get started with essential oils for $160.

One of my favorite diffusers

It comes with a diffuser (pictured above) 11 essential oils, a roller ball you can attach directly to a bottle, some samples and 10 of these fun little bottles (pictured above) you can use to take oils with you on the go! Or if you’re like me, you’ll use them to give oils to your friends because you can’t shut your mouth about them. It’s worth every single penny:


If you’d like to order one of these amazing kits, I’d be happy to help! Just click this link and it will take you to the ordering page. I have step by step instructions below to help you through the ordering process. Make sure you select “member” (Premium starter kit and %24  off on all Young living products) and not “retail”(no Premium Starter Kit and you pay retail for everything).

-Did I mention I send a welcome package full of accessories and educational material?

Essential Rewards. I seriously get everything from Young Living. I buy my toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, essential oils and a bunch of other stuff there every month instead of the store, why? Because I get points back! 25 percent back to be exact. I just got $200 bucks worth of free product during Christmas just for buying my everyday products for them. They’re an awesome company.

I am supporting other people by purchasing through an MLM. When I buy essential oils, I am supporting my friends above me. If I love essential oils and can support a person trying to get out of debt or get a new couch, I will! I love their products and am buying them anyways, supporting others is just one of the many bonuses.


  1. Select Member and make sure my member number (1532562) is in both the enroller and sponsor ID windows. That way I can add you to my Facebook oil group and you can get your welcome kit!
  2. Pick your kit and diffuser. If you’re on a budget, the Home diffuser (pictured above) is a personal favorite of mine because it has 30 second intervals as well as a continuous setting. If you wanna get fancy the Aria is the Cadillac of diffusers. You also have the option to sign up for essential rewards but for now, go ahead and click no. I want you to fall in love with your oils first! This is also where you can add oils to your order, I highly suggest Cedarwood, it’s super cheap and encourages a restful nights sleep.
  3. Enter your personal information. Just a heads up, they ask you for your social security number. That’s because it’s a federal law, and they only use it if you decide to sell in the future.
  4. Fill out your payment info and checkout!

After you sign up please contact me! I’d love to connect with you and be a resource for you!