Essential Oils 101 – Essential Oil Safety

In this day and age there are so many different schools of thought on essential oils and vague information about what to do or not to do, it’s hard to find a reliable source on this topic. So here is my humble two cents on safety. When I come up to my own conclusions on important information, I like to grab as much information as I can from both ends of the spectrum and find my happy medium. This info is my happy medium.

We already talked about safety when it comes to topical and oral methods of application so if you’d like to go over those feel free to hop on over to those posts! Here are a few additional tips:


If you’d like to support your respiratory system and apply some eucalyptus to your chest and lungs, you don’t need 45 drops of oil to do it. In the case of essential oils, the rule is always less is more. When you use a high amount of essential oils in one sitting that’s when the adverse reactions can happen.


Did you get peppermint in your eye? I have on accident and it feels like a small bit of my soul is getting ripped out through my eyeball. DO NOT FEAR! Take a cotton ball, soak it in milk (not fat free) and wipe your eye.

Did you apply an oil to your skin and it burns? Same deal. Apply milk or a carrier oil to your skin and it will stop the burning.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE WATER. It will spread the oil more and it will suck.


Toxicity doesn’t just happen when you ingest too many essential oils, it can happen from constantly applying the same oil to your skin and diffusing it also. Let’s say I was at work and diffused 20 drops of lavender from 8 am to 4 pm nonstop and I was sitting 3 feet away from it, there’s a decent chance that over time, that oil is going to cause you to have some toxic reactions. Here’s what a toxic reaction may look like:

-Upset stomach       -Fatigue

-Nausea                      -Persistent Coughing

-Vomiting                  -Liver Pain

-Headaches               -Urinary Disturbances

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call poison control.

Here’s their number: 1-800-222-1222

Here’s the symptoms you need to call 911 for:


-Respiratory Failure/ Stimulation

-If you don’t seem to have your senses about you like usual. It’s an indication that something is messing with your nervous system.


Dosage is the key to a successful essential oil experience. If you buy your essential oils from an awesome company like mine, chances are they’ll know a thing or two about how to use oils. Read the back of the bottle and it will tell you how the average adult is supposed to use it. For children, pregnant ladies and the elderly I’m always cautious and do a little less and dilute if applying topically.


Every individual is unique. If you have an old person running triathlons who wants to use oils, they’ll probably do just fine using the regular recommended dose. On the other hand, if you have a frail 10 year old, you should use the same dosage you would on a 5 year old. Refer to the dilution chart in this post for help with topical application.


If you apply an oil and you don’t feel great about it, then stop. If you use the recommended daily dose and don’t feel anything then up the dosage by a drop or two. It won’t kill you. Your body will be your biggest ally in using oils.


Essential oils are not this huge thing to be intimidated by, you know your body, and you know when something is not right. Trust your gut when using oils and you’ll be just fine. You are the expert on you and your family.

Pregnancy and Kids are a whole other bag of worms we’re diving into next, stay tuned!

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