KOMBUCHA : Barney Style

You’ll find a recurring theme here on This Marvelous Mess. I like things that are cheap and as natural as possible, I also love preventative health. Kombucha fills all of those lovely little check boxes and since I made a batch this week, I figure I’d share how I make it and how awesome it is.

A friend asked me if I wanted a SCOBY to make kombucha. I of course had no idea what the heck she was talking about. It sounded like she was giving me a secret password to play a new hipster board game that came out or something, so I briefly googled it. Turns out kombucha is a fermented tea that’s supposed to be really good for you. I got the SCOBY from her and I was thinking it was going to be some special teapot that ferments tea for you… I WAS DEAD WRONG. She gave me a jar, in this jar was a byproduct of something apparently made from the slime in the Ghostbusters II movie. I wanted to make sure making a batch of this stuff was worth my time before I put my hands on that disgusting thing. Turns out SCOBY is an acronym for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, this little disc is filled with vitamins, probiotics and good-for-you acids. When you place the SCOBY into a batch of tea and wait a week or two BAM! You have kombucha. The SCOBY has now created a beverage that is great for your digestive and immune systems. Seriously, this thing saved me so much stomach pain postpartum. It costs $2-$5 a bottle at the store and I make a gallon of it for dirt cheap, and you can too. Winna winna chicken dinna. Here is a super easy step by step guide on how to make it, and stay tuned next Monday for a post on how to carbonate and flavor your kombucha!

What you’ll need:

  1. A SCOBY at room temperature in at least 1/2 of a cup of some starter tea. If there is no starter tea, purchase a bottle of unflavored kombucha from the store.
  2. 1/3 of a cup of green or black tea. If you are using tea bags just stick enough tea bags in a measuring cup to make the 1/3 mark and SKIP STEP 2.
  3. 1 Gallon of purified water
  4. 1 Gallon glass jar (I got mine HERE)
  5. Coffee filters
  6. A rubber band


Boil the gallon of water and then shut it off once it’s done.


Make a ginormous tea bag by putting your 1/3 cup of tea in a coffee filter and staple it shut, like this:


Steep your tea in the freshly boiled water, for five to ten minutes.


Pour your tea in the glass jar and allow it to cool to the same temperature as your SCOBY and starter liquid,usually 12-24 hours.




Once your brewed tea is room temperature, using clean hands put your SCOBY in the batch of tea.



Add ½ of a cup of starter tea.


Cover the top of the jar with a coffee filter and rubber band to allow the tea to breath and keep fruit flies out. Put the jar in a warm corner in your kitchen.


YOU’RE DONE SON! Now pat yourself on the back and wait 1-2 weeks. The longer you wait the more sour it will be. You’ll be able to smell it becoming more similar to vinegar after a few days. After a week try a bit by using a straw to see if you like it or if you’d like to ferment it more. If you’d like to kick your “booch” up a notch try to carbonate and flavor it!


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