This Marvelous Mess: Ze First Post

SO! I’M FINALLY DOING IT. I’m sharing my life on the internet. It’s easy to post funny meme’s about a messy house, but it’s super hard to post a picture of your laundry room that used to have a visible floor. You may not even have a laundry room. You might eat takeout every evening because you struggle with depression and can’t seem to get yourself out of bed to cook dinner. You might be on food stamps and can’t afford super fancy, gluten-free organic meals plans served with chickens who learned their freaking alphabet before they were slaughtered. Sometimes, LIFE HAPPENS.

One of my biggest fears lies in showing my “real self” and leaving others to take it or leave it, with all the opinions and judgments that come with it. What do I mean by “real self”? When someone asks me how I am, it’s easy to say “I’m having a rough week, pray for me!” What’s hard to say is “I’m having a rough week because I feel like I yelled at my kids too much and I got into a huge fight with my husband over something stupid.” THAT is what I mean by real.

Before I share some of my mess with you, let me give you a visual: I’m big and uncomfortable because I’m pregnant and I’ve been having contractions for pretty much a week straight. My youngest is currently making a mess with a plate that I left out last night that had some frosting on it. And I’m totally babysitting my two eldest with a few episodes of “Hey Arnold”, just so I can write this post. Oh and throw in the very timely body flop to the tummy while I’m having a contractions courtesy of my youngest, she’s trying to hug me with her now frosting covered body.

A little bit about myself, I’m a young mom of three kids under five and we are expecting number four any day now. I’ve been married for six years to a man who is as equally strange as I am, possibly worse. Together we make a crazy bunch of folks just trying to find out what normal is for us. My life growing up was not your typical middle class American dream where everyone has the same last name and owning a home was in your future. I come from a single parent home. We were on welfare. We’ve moved more times than I can count and sometimes we lived in hotels for long periods of time. My mother has been clean and sober for 16 years from drugs and alcohol, she did the best she could with what she had. I was in foster care for a little bit. Eventually my mom got clean and then things started to change, we moved less and she got a job that she still works at to this day. I share this with you because as I raise my own children, my normal growing up is nowhere near their normal. They have a stay at home mom for crying out loud! I share this because everyone comes from a different climb and place. My place just so happens to be pretty much from ground zero.  That’s my mess.

What you read here will be from that perspective. What is meal planning and how do you start? What are essential oils and how the hell do those work? What does it even mean to be “real”? How can I eat healthy (sometimes healthy-ish) and not become broke? Each and every individual has a struggle, but that struggle will mold and shape you into something stronger. That’s why my starting point which may be messy, is wonderfully MARVELOUS. Now, let’s do life … shall we?


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